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NEW YEAR by Gunsmithcat
Happy new year 2015!!

And thanks to support my work!

This drawing will be featured in my artbook "Revolutionary Road"

Follow the link to get it:
Artbook crowdfunding by Gunsmithcat
Artbook crowdfunding
I started a crowdfunding in the website Verkami to edit my artbook

I hope you will join and make it possible!

Follow the link:

I like by Gunsmithcat
I like
I'm not coming back here, sorry.

Still working in a website and actually you can follow my news and works in instagram and facebook.…

Thanks for the support
The I-Phonekkake by Gunsmithcat
The I-Phonekkake
We should seriously ask ourselves if we are controlling technology or technology is controlling us. Sometimes we looks like a piece of flesh engaged to a phone.

I have chosen the image of a Bukkake because come from the punishment and submission.

That is the last work I'm going to upload here in DeviantART. The reason, well, I wrote in my journal about that.
I feel really tired about how this website works about censorship. And I think it's really ridiculous that an administrator (or some of them) plays a personal war against simple users because they don't agree about the rules.

Sure the trolls who are watching me for a long time are going to report that work, even if I don't broke any rule, just they use to report almost all my works. I didn't broke any rule in my last deleted works but maybe the admin will find any reason to delete that, because they don't have many problems to broke their own rules to troll somebody here. Maybe something like sexualize I-phones, or too much pornoghaphic for this website.

So this is a good bye. For the moment I will keep this account, but I'm not going to show here my future works and I'm going to delete more works from my gallery.

Thanks to all the people who support me
I will leave deviantART soon or late, actually I will stop to show my works here, and I will start to delete the majority of them.

I get more attention that I was waiting for from some deviantArt admins.

(I will try to explain the situation here in my bad english, so sorry for my language)

-That started many time ago, when I saw how the admins use the rules not the same for everybody. Then I made some works against that behavior from the admins and the result it was many of my works deleted from here. In many of them no reason to justify to delete that.

-After that I was talking with the help desk about this situation. I ask him the reason to delete every single work from my gallery, he didn't get me an answer. He told me they use to delete reported works many months later because they don't have time to see everything. Then I ask him : so, why you have time to delete my works the same day I upload it here? He didn't get me an answer. So I sent a protest about this guy to deviantArt. It was more than one year ago, I'm still waiting for an answer to my questions from the deviantArt admins.

-I didn't get answer, but "casual" they stop to delete my works after that. During many months they didn't delete more works from my gallery. Few time ago I made a  new work against manipulation in deviantART about the rules and trolls using that rules for trolling people (for example, people who report your works are waiting for you in the devart account, and they act like they are just trying to help you). After I upload that work against deviantART rules they gave me a daily deviation, well, maybe just casual, but I thought "it seems to me someone is trying to shut up my mouth with a fucking daily deviation". Yesterday I was talking with the admin who give me the daily deviation to say to her that I don't want that daily deviation, and my reasons to ask for that. It was funny because I found in her wall that she have as a friends the same people who are trolling my account for a long time. Again, just casual.

After to get the daily deviation I started to protest against the rules here and how are not the same for everybody and they started to delete my works again.

Well, maybe this website is just full of coincidences and nothing more, but sadly I found many more people who had similar problems here, and many people who are leaving this website because of that.

DeviantArt admins acting like trolls and doing nothing against users who are here only to troll people, it's really sad. So I will stop uploading my new works here and soon or late I will leave this website

Congratulations to the deviantART admins who made deviantARt became a website to troll people, to censure people because this is not a website about art if you fuck the freedom to express in art.

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  • Eating: Russian soup
  • Drinking: my saliva


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SatoshiD Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
you have a great gallery , please keep up doing the great work !
UltraIsh Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2015
Welcome to the club
nowar2007 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2015
Держись бро, твои работы лучшие!
reverus66 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2015
Amazing work, provocative in every sense of the word. Thank you for sharing it.
I noticed that the eyes of nearly all of your females are either sad and tortured or devious and plotting, is there a reason for this common theme? or am i reading too much?
yev0n Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2015
Je ne sais pas si j'aime ton travail mais en tout cas je viens souvent regarder tes dessins. Un peu dérangeant donc fascinant.

Merci d'avoir mis les dessins de ton amie Cecilia. Le modèle est aussi joli que les dessins. Chopent pas souvent réciproque.
NBGN Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2015  New member  General Artist
Non si fa la rivoluzione
L'hanno detto in televisione
Revolution is not going to happen
The TV just said that

(Rivoluzione - Frankie Hi NRG mc)

Keep going! Your work is awesomely true
MidnightEnvy7 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2015  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, awesome guy. 
I just saw your artwork( like, almost all of it) and you rock. 
Keep on drawing cool stuff and be awesome as always! 
peasandlove Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2015
I've just finished to read an article about you on an Italian newspaper (IlFattoQuotidiano), and found some of your works extremely interesting.
Some people are justifying their mostly addictive use of high technological phones because of the importance of sharing news about politics and important facts, or because it's easier and cheaper keeping in touch. It can be true. But, as you work underlines it, there are also people that walk or even drive while checking their i-phones or whatever they use... and the further degeneration that you have already described.
Hope to see more of your work ;)
Dubisch Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2015
Incredible, evocative work.  Let us know where to keep following your art.
bboyjuen86 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2015  New member
Although i may not be a member of this site but i find your work truly amusing. Reality through art and everybody should realize that. Very compelling artwork and I give my respects to you.
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