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October 1, 2012


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DeviantART admins deleted my work "Alien X"

They wrote that message to me:
Your deviation Alien X was reported for Explicit Pornography. The report was reviewed by a member of the Staff and action was taken, deleting the deviation and marking the report as Resolved.

Additionally, the following comment was provided:
A member of staff has reviewed this deviation and has determined that the theme itself, or one or more details present in the scene, has made the work unacceptable for submission here.

As such this deviation has been removed in accordance with our policies and should not be resubmitted.

Pornography? DeviantIgnorance should be the name of this website. That work is not pornography according with their rules. is not an erected penis, it's a FUCKING ALIEN.

AGAIN they are so fast for delete my works, no matter if are not against the rules, but you can find here a lot of works very hard with explicit sex against the rules but they don't delete. I know the reason is that time ago I had conversations with a deviant admin about the censure here and maybe they are just angry and delete all they want from my works.

DeviantART is very addictive and funny to show your work, but I think deviantART is not a website about art, just a website to transform and fuck the free expression of art.
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YoMommaNoFoRealz Oct 5, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sorry friend. :C If I, a very conservative and easily freaked out person, did not think "Alien X" was inappropriate, then DA maybe did overreact to it a bit much. Compared to some actual penises you see on here! And those haven't been deleted yet! I don't even know dude, you've been victimized by the very thing you hate!
no problem. this website is a great idea and works very good in many things but I saw how admins manipulates everything here. Is not a free place
SmilinSheckyRimshot Oct 3, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm with you. Art is art. Lines blur. A picture (or whatever else) can be more than one thing at once. I've never liked the "art or porn" argument. I like things that are art AND porn.

Regarding your specific submission: I don't remember the exact pic myself but from how you describe it it sounds harmless.
I totally agree with your words, I don't like that arguments "art or porn" "this is not art"...

Thanks for the support!
I just wanted to lend my moral support (for what that's worth). Don't get disheartened in this war against the prudes. We shall prevail eventually.
In my country you can get married and start a family, get a job and pay taxes, join the army and kill (foreigners) or get killed all at the tender age of 16. But you have to wait until you are 18 until you can watch people having sex. But until about 10 or 15 years ago hard-core porn was totally illegal, so things are, slowly, getting better. Keep fighting!
yes, always the same problem, maybe you have reason and we are changing slowly, but is frustrating :s
bluerabbit63 Oct 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nothing new on DeviantArt.
This is a common problem encountered by many artists.
What can I say? Between vindictives administrators and addicted users to report, it's hard to argue his point of view.
You've better save your time and energy, and post your deleted works on your blog.
It's their site, their rules, DA is not a democracy.
It's stupid but it's like that.
yes, I know, but I can't keep silence about that, I spend many time working drawing to see how they delete my works
bluerabbit63 Oct 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh I anderstand, I'm French, were're growling champions of the world. :D
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